Christine Madliger

Christine MadligerDoctoral candidate Christine Madliger helped to organize a symposium on conservation physiology.

UWindsor scientists organize international conservation symposium

PhD candidate Christine Madliger and her supervisor, biology professor Oliver P. Love, organized the symposium Physiology in changing landscapes: an integrative perspective for conservation biology, to challenge biological scientists to try new techniques when researching how organisms are responding to changes in the environment.

Ornithology researchers win three top prizes at international conference

Placing three UWindsor graduate students among the top award recipients at the North American Ornithological Congress confirms the university as a centre of excellence for bird biology in North America, says professor Oliver Love.

Fourteen researchers represented the University of Windsor, including Dr. Love and students from his laboratory and the laboratories of Dan Mennill and Stephanie Doucet.

The Windsor delegation took three of the 12 awards for the best student talks and posters among the hundreds of student presenters: