Dave Johnston

Open Access Opens Windsor to the WorldOctober 20 to 26 is International Open Access Week.

Open Access Opens Windsor to the World, says librarian

Making its scholarship freely available opens the University of Windsor to the world, says information service librarian Dave Johnston.

“It is a perfect theme for International Open Access Week,” he says.

Open Access literature is digital material available online, free of charge and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Running October 20 to 26, the week draws attention to the benefits of Open Access to research and seeks to make it the new norm in scholarship.

Online repository to provide open access to UWindsor research

A new service of the Leddy Library will begin to bring together in one place the work done by UWindsor scholars.

The institutional repository Scholarship at UWindsor is intended to showcase campus researchers by providing open access to a wide range of their scholarly and creative works. This could include copies of published articles where permitted, conference papers, presentations, theses, videos of talks, musical scores, images and more, says Dave Johnston, the librarian heading up the project.

Orientation session welcomes new faculty members to campus

Jason Kiernan is excited to be at the University of Windsor.

He left a position as a nurse practitioner at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital to pursue a new career path as a lecturer in the Faculty of Nursing.

“I wanted to transition into more of a research role and for a number of reasons, that wasn’t going to happen at the hospital,” Kiernan says.

He was one of seven new faculty members attending an orientation session Monday, August 13.