Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research

Indonesian drilling project will settle climate change arguments, scientists say

Before scientists like Galileo contributed to the development of the thermometer in the 17th century, there was no way to accurately measure and record temperature.

So when it comes to climate change, determining with any certainty whether it’s been naturally occurring over the last few hundred thousand years, or if it’s a more recent phenomenon, can be tricky business in the absence of any precise historical data to cite.

Technology could turn municipal waste into ethanol, researcher believes

Forward-thinking municipalities may one day be able to generate revenue from an unavoidable process on which they already spend millions of dollars if a UWindsor scientist can develop a process to create eco-friendly fuel from organic waste.

Subba Rao Chaganti, who works in professor Dan Heath’s lab at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, is examining a microbial battery which can convert solid municipal waste in to ethanol.

GLIER researcher contributes to designating world heritage sites in Indian Ocean

Every year between May and July, billions of sardines “run” up the coast of southeast Africa, creating a massive feeding frenzy for the predators that devour them and a natural ecological spectacle that draws thousands of tourists to witness the event.

It’s a migratory phenomenon that could soon earn the distinction of being nominated as a UNESCO Marine World Heritage Site, and if that happens, it may be in part thanks to the contributions of a post-doctoral fellow at the university’s Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research.

New GLIER director hopes to unite campus environmental researchers

Over the next five years, Dan Heath hopes to unite the wide variety of researchers across campus studying environmental issues.

“I really want to expand the role of environmental research at the University of Windsor,” said Dr. Heath, a biology professor who takes over as the new director of the University’s Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research in May.