Karen Gorospe

Student-run pasta dinner tops $800 for United Way

A group of students from the Odette School of Business raised more than $800 for the United Way by throwing a pasta dinner earlier this month.

“Our event was a success,” says business major Karen Gorospe. In addition to a presentation by Danielle Moldovan, the charity’s manager of resource development, it featured a performance by local band Cake & Bacon. “We had a great time.”

Students holding pasta dinner to support United Way

Business students are trained to conduct market research, determine what is missing and fill those needs. According to Hasitha Sridharan, a student at the Odette School of Business, the United Way operates in much the same fashion.

“It sees what the community needs and then works to fill the gaps in support systems,” she said.

Sridharan and her classmates in organizational behaviour are holding a pasta dinner next week to raise funds for United Way. She has worked with the charity in the past and appreciates its role.