Laura McLean

Datta Pillay and Sheri Lowrie congratulate Laura McLeanCampaign co-chairs Datta Pillay and Sheri Lowrie congratulate Laura McLean, winner of an Apple iPad tablet computer in a draw for campus donors to the United Way.

Charity campaign on track to top target

The campus campaign for United Way has reached $98,839 in donations and pledges, supporters heard at a wrap event Monday.

Scientific approach nets Caboto cookbook for trivia contest winner

Laura McLean, secretary to the dean of science, is in a distinct minority. She was one of just two respondents to get every answer correct in Wednesday’s trivia quiz marking the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year.

Since hers was the name that came out of the hat, McLean received a copy of Cooking with Giovanni Caboto, courtesy of the University Bookstore.

One question in particular tripped up the majority of contestants—the final gift in The 12 Days of Christmas. In her e-mail response, McLean called it a “trick question.”