Matthew Kirby

UwinCARD draw winners rewarded with campus gear

Robert Mavrinac says he uses the UwinCARD almost every day.

“I buy my coffee with it when I’m on campus,” says Mavrinac, a network technician in the School of Computer Science. “It’s a convenient feature and I’ve found it’s helped me to budget my daily purchases.”

He was one of three members of the University’s staff who reaped the rewards of using the card’s payroll deduction feature, winning the October prize draw by the UwinCARD office.

Using UwinCARD proves profitable to prize winners

Three members of the University’s staff garnered more benefit than they expected this month when they used the payroll deduction program to pay for some campus purchases: they each received a $10 gift card from the UwinCARD office in a random draw of its employee customers.

The payroll deduction program allows faculty and staff to use their UwinCARD to charge food or bookstore purchases and have the cost deducted from their next paycheque. In an effort to encourage its use, the office has started monthly prize draws.