Moussa Hamadani

Mike Havey, Garry Moore, Moussa Hamadani, Amin Safaei, Eric Vandenbroucke, Sandra OndrackaAthletic director Mike Havey, grounds supervisor Garry Moore, UWSA president Moussa Hamadani, GSS president Amin Safaei, associate athletic director Eric Vandenbroucke, and Campus Recreation coordinator Sandra Ondracka celebrate the installation of a temporary cricket pitch on the Lancers upper field.

Athletics makes pitch for cricketers

The Department of Athletics and Recreation Services is pleased with the installation of a temporary cricket pitch on the south campus.

Look, but don’t touch: tactile works theme of student exhibition

A provocative collection of photographs is displayed alongside more tactile works in fabric, metal, text and even baked goods in the student exhibition “No Touching!” at the LeBel Building’s SoVA Projects Gallery through February 18.

Participating artists Kacie Auffret, Erica Douglas, Brendan Greenwell, Esther Rabinovitch, Amy Simon and Victoria Symons will attend a closing reception at 7 p.m. on Friday, February 17.