Rosemary Briscoe

Bill Lloyd and Rosemary BriscoeBill Lloyd and his cat Jake accept an early Christmas gift of some LED light bulbs from campus police services community liaison officer Rosemary Briscoe on Friday.

Campus police reach out to area residents with free light bulbs

Sandra Lloyd says it’s “a bit of a ghost town” in the area around the front of her California Avenue home when students aren’t around.

So she was extremely happy when Rosemary Briscoe showed up on her front porch Friday morning with an early Christmas gift of some new LED light bulbs to help illuminate the area.

Donation to move leftover medical supplies to Third World operating rooms

A donation from members of the Campus Community Police Services will help stock some operating rooms in Third World countries.

CAW Local 195, which represents campus police and parking services officers, made a $300 contribution from its charity fund to help pay the costs of shipping a pallet of surgical supplies to healthcare providers in resource-poor areas of Africa and Asia.

Bike enthusiasts promote cycling culture

A cycling culture helps people invest in their health and in more affordable transportation, says Jeannine DeGagne.

A former personal trainer in Kenora before she returned to school as a disability studies and psychology student, DeGagne aims to raise awareness about exercise and the benefits of outdoor activity. The annual Bike to UWindsor Week is intended to educate students and professors on the health and environmental benefits of commuting to campus on a bike.

Campus colleagues collect $7,600 in support of cancer patient

In just over a week, friends and co-workers gathered $7,600 to help a UWindsor carpenter offset costs related to his treatment for cancer.

“The response was just phenomenal,” said Sandy Power, one of the organizers of a campaign in support of Bernie Mulligan. “We are so pleased with the support. People all across campus wanted to help Bernie; even retirees came forward.”