Rupp Carriveau

Engineering building opens doors on innovative research

A showcase of engineering research Friday was a great opportunity for prospective students and members of the community to see first-hand some of the fascinating work that’s going on here, according to a participating professor.

“Everyone seemed really pleased with what they saw,” said Narayan Kar, one of three researchers who opened up their labs for the Open Doors, Open Knowledge event. “It’s critical that people have a good understanding of the kind of research we’re doing here.”

New wind tunnels being installed in CEI

The components for the first of two new wind tunnels to be installed in the new Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation began arriving late last week, much to the delight of the researchers who will be working with them.

Made by Industrial Metal Fabricators Ltd. of Chatham, the elevated 12 meter tunnel will run in a closed loop around the walls of a lab in the north-east corner of the CEI. With a 1.2 meter fan and a 30 horsepower motor, the tunnel will be capable of generating wind speeds of up to about 30 meters per second.

Something in the wind: engineer’s work cited as provincial exemplar

Who knew that windmills are territorial? According to an article published online this week by the Ontario Council on University Research, UWindsor researcher Rupp Carriveau did—and his work can turn that knowledge into better wind farms.

Placed too close together, turbines interfere with one another, reducing their overall efficiency, but Dr. Carriveau, an associate professor in civil and environmental engineering, is working to determine how strategic placement can exploit the windmills’ wakes to increase power generation.

Engineering prof bearing torch for UWindsor in provincial research campaign

Rupp Carriveau feels like a torchbearer for UWindsor’s research community.

“We have so many people doing such incredible things and that’s what really makes me proud,” said Dr. Carriveau. An associate professor in civil and environmental engineering, he’s participating in a province-wide awareness campaign aimed at convincing the general public about the importance of university research.