University Bookstore

Brynn and Sarah JichiciYou’re not seeing double. Twin sisters Brynn and Sarah Jichici purchased hoodies Thursday during Head Start to show their UWindsor pride. Both will begin studies this fall, majoring in disability studies and minoring in music.

Program an opportunity to orient new students

Students entering business, engineering, nursing, science and inter-faculty programs this fall will attend Head Start on May 26, 27 and 28.

T-shirtThis beautiful T-shirt awaits the winner of today’s trivia quiz on UWindsor typefaces.

Trivia quiz to test power of typeface identification

To help celebrate the University of Windsor’s 50th anniversary, the University Bookstore is offering DailyNews readers chances to demonstrate their knowledge of the institution and its history.

Today’s quiz, the 41st in a series, offers one lucky winner a beautiful white T-shirt with the University’s name and date of birth imprinted in black. It is offered for purchase at a cost of $11.95 from the Bookstore kiosk in the CAW Student Centre.