Auto executive defends role of humanities education

Wherever there is a need to manage and have relationship with people, there will always be a place for the humanities, says Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat S.p.A. and Chrysler Group LLC.

Recipient of a UWindsor BComm in 1979 and an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 2005, he spoke with Humanities Research Group director Antonio Rossini for an interview in the group’s newsletter, Athena. Marchionne’s first degree was a BA in philosophy, and he said his humanistic education opened his mind.

“I think that it played a fundamental role in my education, not so much in learning facts but in learning how to look towards the future, in equipping my mind to accommodate the new and unfamiliar,” he said. “This is critical because we live in a world that challenges us to question conventional answers and embrace the principle of change.”

Read the entire interview in the current issue of Athena.