United Way canvassers preparing for Blitz Weeks

Volunteers with the campus United Way campaign will begin face-to-face solicitation of donations and pledges October 24 to November 4.

The charity has three strategic priorities:

  • Supporting basic needs and independence – ensuring that residents of Windsor-Essex have access to food, stable housing and other necessities
  • Positioning kids and families for success – providing children opportunities to strengthen their skills and educating and supporting parents to build stronger families
  • Creating thriving neighbourhoods – inspiring residents to participate in and contribute to their neighbourhoods, creating a sense of community and belonging

Contributions are tax-deductible; UWindsor employees can make them painless through payroll deduction – having a set amount deducted from each pay cheque.

Canvassers who have not yet received their kits and forms, or anyone who has come into possession of a kit in error, should contact organizer John McGinlay at mcginly@uwindsor.ca or 519-253-3000, ext. 4521.