Open house requires cross-campus effort, says organizer

Company is coming, says Zora Savic, and the entire campus is pulling together to ensure the success of the University’s Spring Open House on Friday, March 9.

Student communication and events coordinator in the student recruitment office, Savic points to the dedication of Facility Services as an example.

“We’ll be setting up our display from the Ontario Universities Fair in the CAW Student Centre,” she says. “Facility Services staff will come in extra early. To make sure the display gets delivered that morning, they'll be reporting at about 4:30 a.m.”

She says the display itself proved a real morale-booster during a fall recruitment event, when it was used for the first time on campus.

“It highlights our welcome centre in the commons and lets visitors know we’re there,” says Savic. “The reaction from faculty and staff was great. It helps us present a much more professional appearance.”

Altogether, more than 300 people will pitch in Friday, from students conducting campus tours to administrators greeting prospective students and their families to faculty making presentations on academic programs.

“It takes a team for us to pull this off,” Savic says. “Everyone comes together to show our visitors that we’re glad to have them here now and we will be even more glad if they choose to come here in September!”

Find more information, including the full program of events, on the open house Web site.