Halifax delegation praises engineering facilities and faculty

A degree completion program allowing engineering students from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to finish their educations in Windsor represents a great collaborative partnership, says Saint Mary’s dean of science, Steven Smith.

“It will give our students a much broader range of options than they already have,” he said Tuesday. “Windsor has incredible programs with fantastic faculty and facilities.”

Dr. Smith and Saint Mary’s director of admissions and recruitment, Marie Braswell, were on the UWindsor campus yesterday to speak with professors and administrators while touring labs and workspaces.

“It has been extremely impressive,” said Smith.

Under the agreement reached by the two institutions, students completing the two-year diploma at Saint Mary’s can study for another two years at Windsor and graduate with a BASc in civil or mechanical engineering.

Professor Majid Ahmadi of electrical and computer engineering said the program will be attractive to international students, Nova Scotians seeking more varied career options, and Ontarians who want to study in a smaller school before completing their degrees closer to home.

“Their students get personalized instruction in small classes,” he said. “It is good for those who may need some individual attention when they are starting out.”

Braswell agreed, saying their campus offers a “more intimate experience,” while Windsor has a greater number of programs: “Students can think of it as a pathways option.”