University Bookstore to stock new version iPads for official launch Friday

The University Bookstore will have the iPad 3 in stock for sale on its official launch date, Friday, March 16.

“We are delighted to be able to announce that,” says marketing manager Martin Deck. “As an authorized campus store for Apple, it is wonderful to be in the position to offer this to our customers as early as anywhere in the world.”

The Bookstore will have two models on hand Friday: the basic 16 GB iPad, in black with wi-fi only for $519 and the 64 GB iPad in black with 4g connectivity for $849. Apple has already shipped both models, which should be in the store on Friday, Deck says. A third model, with 32 GB and 4G is still on order.

The Bookstore should have a demo model of the new iPad by Friday, March 23, at which time doubters will be able to see for themselves the difference that a high-definition display makes, says Deck. The new iPad has much higher visual resolution than the iPad 2.