Professors bid farewell to exchange students

Kinesiology professor Jess Dixon single-handedly convinced Alle Koperdraad to come to Canada.

“He gave two lectures in the Netherlands last year, and they were very interesting,” said Koperdraad, a sports marketing student at Amsterdam’s Johan Cruyff Institute. “I was looking for a new experience, and learned we had an exchange agreement with the University of Windsor.”

Koperdraad was among the exchange students, whose terms in Windsor are coming to an end, honoured at a reception Tuesday. Dr. Dixon earned a personalized invitation from several exchange students who have taken classes with him this semester.

Tom Turley of the University of Swansea said Dixon helped him to feel at home.

“You come over here from different countries and your first instinct is to kind of hide out a little bit,” he said. “But Jess’s classes made you comfortable to speak up.”

Like his countryman, Phillip Adnett of the University of Leicester said he wishes he could stay longer.

“I can’t imagine going home to England now,” he said. “I’ve got used to the culture here!”

A law student, he said his overseas experience has been a perfect fit with his interest in international law. Over two semesters in Windsor, he took two courses with law professor Maureen Irish and said she was always clear, concise and very friendly.

“I think my courses are particularly suitable for students coming from elsewhere,” Irish said. “That’s true of students interested in international economic law like Phil, but also political science and development.”

Student exchange coordinator Michelle Fitzgerald said the presence of faculty made the reception special. This year was the first time she invited instructors whom students said had made an impact on them.

Nominations included:

  • Jess Dixon
  • Greg Dunning
  • Simon du Toit
  • Mitchell Fields
  • Vincent Georgie
  • Erdal Gunay
  • Mary Heather Hartley
  • Maureen Irish
  • Jean-Guy Mboudjeke
  • Adam Pole
  • Fritz Rieger
  • Victor Sevillano
  • Erica Stevens Abbitt
  • Sung Min Bae
  • Nurlan Turdaliev
  • Esther Van Eek
  • Sara Wiercinski

Fitzgerald said the invitations proved a great success.

“It’s good for the students to see their teachers care, and it gives us a chance to demonstrate to faculty the importance of our exchange programs,” she said.

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