Humanities Research Group fêtes book authors

The Humanities Research Group hosted a reception October 10 to celebrate all professors in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences who have published scholarly books in the past two years.

The works ranged across disciplines, form and subject, and included:

  • Philip Adamson (music), Music by Bridge, Bax and Searle.
  • Louis  Cabri (English), Poetryworld.
  • Rudhramoorthy Cheran, (sociology, anthropology and criminology), A Second Sunrise.
  • Ken Cramer, Greg Chung-Yan, Catherine Kwantes, Shelagh Towson, Charlene Senn, Kenneth Hart, Frank Schneider, and Stewart Page (psychology), Understanding and Addressing Social and Practical Problems (2nd edition).
  • Thomas Dilworth (English), David Jones in the Great War.
  • Patricia Fagan (languages, literatures and cultures), Plato and Tradition: The Poetic and Cultural Context of Philosophy.
  • Mark Johnston (English), Beard Fetish in Early Modern England.
  • Martha Lee (political science), Conspiracy Rising, Conspiracy Thinking in American Public Life.
  • Nicole Markotić (English), Bent at the Spine and edited Swallow_by Theanna Bischoff.
  • Lydia Miljan (political science), Public Policy in Canada: An Introduction, sixth edition.
  • Mohamed H. Mohamed (history), Between Caravan and Sultan, The Bayruk of Southern Morocco: Study in History & Identity.
  • Tom Najem (political science), Lebanon: The Politics of a Penetrated Society.
  • Jeff Noonan (philosophy), Materialist Ethics and Life-value.
  • Antonio Rossini (languages, literatures and cultures), Dante, il nodo e il volume.
  • Walter Soderlund, Collette Brin, Lydia Miljan and Kai Hildebrandt (political science), Cross-Media Ownership and Democratic Practice in Canada: Content-Sharing and the Impact of New Media.
  • Walter Soderlund, Donald Briggs, Tom Najem, Blake Roberts (political science), Africa’s Deadliest Crisis.
  • Bruce Tucker (history), The Transformation of American Culture: Dialing 9/11.