Don UWindsor gear Friday to show pride during open house

Wearing UWindsor- and Lancer-themed clothing Friday is a good way for faculty and staff to demonstrate pride in the institution to visitors during the Fall Open House recruitment event, says Zora Savic, student communication and events coordinator for the liaison office.

She is encouraging employees to wear appropriate clothing that bears a UWindsor or Lancer logo—or even is simply blue and gold.

“Not only does it show school spirit, it also helps our visitors identify people who may be able to provide basic directions,” Savic says.

Her office expects up to 2,500 prospective students and members of their families to attend the November 9 event for presentations on academic programs and student services as well as tours of the campus.

All guests will start their day with a check-in at the CAW Student Centre. Find a detailed itinerary on the open house Web site.