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Pop expert parlays useless knowledge into contest victory

Lori Lewis, news services manager in the public affairs office, won Wednesday’s DailyNews pop quiz and the fabulous prize package of UWindsor-themed apparel, perfect for a staffer hoping to wear some school spirit during Friday’s open house event.

Lewis’ name was drawn from all contestants who correctly answered all seven questions—a distinct minority. For those playing along at home, here are the responses our quizmaster was looking for:

  • Faygo did not invent the term “soda pop,” but it claims to have.
  • Hires root beer has been in production since the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition.
  • Radar O’Reilly preferred Grape Nehi.
  • Bernie recommends that Bridget switch to cream soda.
  • Nesbitt’s Orange marketed itself as “wonderfully orangey.” Fanta has produced commercials labelling its product “orange wonderful.”
  • Eddie Shack shilled for the Pop Shoppe with the line “I got a nose for value!”
  • A chocolate malted is not carbonated, but the rest are—even the misnamed egg cream.

And now, for your additional entertainment, here is the original trippy animated Nesbitt’s Orange commercial: