Social protest movements subject of workshop

Over the last few years, the world has witnessed a wave of mass protests against authoritarianism, corporate monopoly, privatization, and the decline of social protections. Uprisings against corrupt and repressive governments in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria have inspired other activism, including the occupation of the Wisconsin statehouse, rallies against economic austerity measures in Madrid and other Spanish cities, protests against economic injustice in Athens and Tel Aviv, the mass mobilizations against global economic injustice known as the Occupy movement, and a wave of student protests in Quebec.

In a workshop this week on the UWindsor campus, the Centre for Studies in Social Justice will bring together international scholars and activists to advance the understanding of emerging forms of political activism.

“Reclaiming Democracy and Social Justice: From the Arab Spring to Occupy to …” will run May 17 and 18, exploring the questions: How similar and different are these movements from earlier forms of social unrest? Have these resistance movements had any practical achievements? What is the future of global resistance?

This event is open to the public, and registration is free. Find registration details, along with a full schedule of presentations, on the conference website.

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