Marty Lowman with Rick LobzunMarty Lowman of the Advising Centre accepts a gift from Rick Lobzun, who will graduate next week with an education degree.

A gift of gratitude

Student presents advisor with artwork

Not only was Marty Lowman’s advice crucial to help Rick Lobzun complete his education—it was necessary even to get him started.

Lobzun returned to school at the age of 48 after an injury forced him from the auto industry.

“I literally had no idea how to navigate the system,” says Lobzun. “Marty helped me not only to figure out what courses I needed to take, but actually helped me to register for classes.”

Lobzun earned degrees in history and education, and decided to show Lowman how much he appreciates the help. Lobzun presented him with a painting by Randy Knott, May 30 outside the Advising Centre.

The artwork depicts animals representing the three spheres of creation, Lobzun says: earth, land and sky.

“I see myself in it,” says Lobzun, a Mohawk member of Six Nations of the Grand River. “I’m one of these birds and Marty is helping me to fly.”

Lowman says he is “overwhelmed” by the gesture.

“I was glad to help Rick, but he always had the motivation to succeed,” he says. “He is a straight-A student and that is on him. He did all the work.”

He says he plans to hang the painting at home, but will need to consult his wife before deciding on the exact spot.