The editors of a book of UWindsor reminiscences celebrate its official launch Friday.The editors of a book of UWindsor reminiscences celebrate its official launch Friday. From left: Kenneth Pryke, Lois Smedick, Kate McCrone, Sheila Cameron, Ralph Johnson.

Reception launches book of remembrances

Dozens of University of Windsor retirees, friends and supporters filled the reception room at Canterbury College on Friday afternoon to celebrate the official launch of Back in the Day—1963-2013: The University of Windsor As We Knew It. The book represents the collected memories of 70 retired faculty members, senior administrators and librarians, who shared their unique perspective on the development of the University of Windsor during its first 50 years.

The volume, edited by Drs. Kate McCrone, Sheila Cameron, Ralph Johnson, Kenneth Pryke and Lois Smedick, features stories of the University’s heady early days, when newly recruited faculty members found their feet and their careers in Windsor. Anecdotes include poignant stories of teaching exceptional students; tales of engineering student hijinks; and a faculty member’s first amazing encounter with a personal computer, to name a few.

“We treasure our University memories and associations,” Dr. McCrone said, thanking contributors for their efforts to bring the book to print. “It feels very special to have people of this volume representing the University in this way—after all the University is all about the people. This book is our gift to the University of Windsor on the occasion of its 50th birthday.”

Copies of Back in the Day are available for purchase at the University of Windsor bookstore.