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Donna Marie EansorWindsor Law professor Donna Marie Eansor (LLB 1980) has been named to the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.

Law professor named national teaching fellow

With privilege comes responsibility, and lawyers are persons of privilege, power and influence—uniquely situated to make a difference in Canadian society. That lesson is one that Windsor law professor Donna Marie Eansor works to impart in her students, motivating them to seek justice.

Her commitment to the ideals of social justice has won Eansor national recognition in issues of equality, student support, and equitable access to post-secondary education. Most recently, the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education has numbered her among its 2014 3M National Teaching Fellows.

She said she is “deeply honoured” to have been admitted to the fellowship, with just slightly more than 280 members since 1986 who have been recognized for their educational leadership and excellence in university teaching. Eansor views herself as a representative of the many stellar teachers across the University of Windsor campus.

“I am excited for the University, the Faculty of Law, for me, my kids and my entire family,” said Eansor, a 1980 graduate of Windsor Law. “The University of Windsor is a part of who I am and who my children Daniel and Mattie Marie are, too. They are both currently attending the University of Windsor. The University occupies a part of our hearts and the hearts of my entire family.”

She will be formally invited to join the fellowship at its annual conference, hosted this year by Queen’s University in June.

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