view of Windsor-Detroit from spaceThis photo of Windsor and Detroit during Earth Hour 2013 was taken from orbit by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Environmental advocate encourages Earth Hour observance

Faculty and staff can contribute to a sustainable future by such simple acts as shutting down their computers and turning off office lights before leaving for the weekend, says environmental engineering professor Paul Henshaw.

The University’s environmental advocate, he hopes to see greater participation in Earth Hour—turning off lights and other electrical devices from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. this Saturday, March 29.

“The energy savings during Earth Hour may be considered a drop in the bucket, but it does make us pause and reflect on our energy use and how much can be saved throughout the year,” says Dr. Henshaw.

More than 7,000 cities worldwide will join in, helping to spark interest in more long-term conservation efforts, he says.

“A lot of these energy saving methods are not only for Earth Hour, but can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle.”