diploma frameSinwan Basharat won this week’s DailyNews quiz contest and its fabulous prize of this beautiful UWindsor diploma frame.

Student frames winning answers in alumni quiz

Sinwan Basharat, a fourth-year biology student, won this week’s DailyNews quiz contest and its fabulous prize of a beautiful UWindsor diploma frame.

Basharat’s entry was drawn from all those which correctly identified the majors of distinguished alumni, all winners of the Odyssey Award: law grads Lorne Abony and Roma Khanna, business grad J. Jason Clemens, biochemistry grad Cindy Hutnik, and drama grads Claire Jullien and Michael Shara.

To help celebrate the University of Windsor’s 50th anniversary, DailyNews will run a contest at the beginning of each week, offering a prize donated by the University Bookstore. This week’s prize, diploma frame bearing the words “University of Windsor” in gold with a single mat, is available for purchase from the Bookstore kiosk in the CAW Student Centre at a cost of just $47.95.