chipotle lime chicken BoziiBest-selling Bozii: the chipotle lime chicken pastry is a customer favourite.

Food outlets offering deal on Bozii pastries

For people who need an introduction to the Bozii, Food Services is running a limited-time promotion: two of the savoury filled pastries or $5.

Two campus outlets serve Boziis—the Bru in the Toldo Health Education Centre and the Hub in the Centre for Engineering Innovation.

Department head Dave McEwen says some of his clientele is still unfamiliar with the dish.

“I would describe it as a light pastry filled with fresh ingredients, then baked,” he says.

They come in a wide variety of flavours, including the best-selling chipotle lime chicken, Mediterranean quinoa, spinach feta, bleu Buffalo chicken, classic pizza, and two breakfast quiche Boziis: turkey breast sausage and egg, and roasted red pepper and spinach.

“There is a super-decadent Nutella-crumble filled Bozii for those who have a sweet tooth,” says McEwen.