Jacqueline MellishResidence life coordinator Jacqueline Mellish totally forgot about Windsor Wednesdays last week but promised to be on the ball for this Wednesday!

Photo booth to aid in promoting Windsor Wednesdays

Are you ready for Windsor Wednesdays? A project of the Lancer Nation student club, it offers a prize draw for students wearing Lancer- or UWindsor-themed apparel around the campus every Wednesday.

Now the club is teaming up with the Office of Public Affairs and Communications to help participants get spotted.

“We are going to set up a photo booth with the UWindsor logo wall as a backdrop,” says Tim Brunet, social media coordinator. “It’s a great place to have your picture taken for online profile pictures or you can mix it up with a fun group shot.”

He promises to e-mail models the photos for their use online, and lists three easy steps for those interested:

Step one

  • Wear UWindsor or Lancer gear on Wednesday.

Step two

  • Get noticed wearing UWindsor or Lancer gear to get a ballot to win prizes. You can be noticed by going to the Leddy Library lobby between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. or the photo booth in the CAW Student Centre Commons from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Alternatively, alumni may participate by taking a picture of themselves wearing UWindsor gear, posting it on Instagram and using #uwindsor or #lancernation. If your picture gets reposted at instagram.com/uwindsor, you will automatically receive a ballot to win prizes and we will notify you on Instagram that you have won a prize.

Step three

  • Submit your ballot at the Campus Bookstore and wait until Friday to see whether you win a prize.

For more information about Windsor Wednesdays, contact Rob Crawford at crawfor1@uwindsor.ca or Brunet at tbrunet@uwindsor.ca.

Rebecca Fraser
Social work student Rebecca Fraser donned a UWindsor T-shirt and befriended Lancer mascot Winston for a double hit of Windsor Wednesday on November 12.