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Wednesday performance to launch music professor’s recording

After moving to Canada, says Nicholas Papador, he became “enthralled” with the country’s rich repertoire of contemporary solo percussion music.

Now he is prepared to share that love.

A professor of music in the School of Creative Arts, Dr. Papador will launch a recording entitled “Points of Departure” at an event Wednesday. He came to Windsor in 2005 and completed the recording just about the time he acquired Canadian citizenship, Papador says.

“After exposure to a fantastic body of work by a range of composers, I made a commitment to exploring this repertoire and promoting it in domestic and international venues,” he says. “To me, this recording not only documents essential Canadian percussion compositions, but also reflects my musical journey in as a relatively recent Canadian.”

The launch is free and open to the public at 3:30 p.m. March 25 in Studio A, Lambton Tower. Papador will perform some of the works featured on the CD and talk about the project. Following the performance, guests will have the opportunity to purchase a signed CD.