empty parking lotEven at midday, the parking lot south of Assumption Hall has plenty of spaces available.

Parking available in on-campus lot

The parking lot south of Assumption Hall provides spaces appropriate for students and employees who don’t hold campus parking passes, as well as visitors, says the manager of parking services.

“Maybe people don’t know about that lot yet, but there always seems to be spaces available and it is priced to be competitive with other campus lots,” says Laurie Butler-Grondin.

Parking there costs $2 per hour to a maximum of $10 per day, and she points out, the location is great.

“It’s just beside the student centre, basically right in the heart of the campus,” Butler-Grondin says. “It is really a viable option for sessional faculty or part-time students as well as guests.”

She cautions that one-half of the lot is reserved for those holding staff parking permits for that area.