Team to advance innovation in health systems

Seven team members appointed to the Odette School of Business’s recently established World Health Innovation Network will forge new ground, says chair Anne Snowdon.

The network will be Canada’s first health innovation centre with formal ties to the United States, building partnerships that will provide innovators and entrepreneurs access to the entire North American market. It will work with health and life sciences companies to support the successful commercialization of products providing tangible health benefits.

The new appointments include:

  • executive director Lori Turik,
  • director for stakeholder development Rishi Jain,
  • senior researcher Cameron Norman,
  • research associate Ryan DeForge,
  • senior research associate Carol Kolga,
  • research associate Renata Axler, and
  • research coordinator Sona Ghosh.

Dr. Snowdon praises the team’s wealth of national and international experience.

“Their shared knowledge and skills will ensure the advancement of our mission to build a network of collaborators across Canada, the U.S. and globally,” Snowdon says. “They will mobilize industry, government, academia, and health organizations to support the adoption of innovative technologies, services, and health system processes that will achieve health system sustainability and contribute to the health of populations.”

Find more details, including brief biographies of each team member, in the appointment announcement.

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