elves staging countdown to ChristmasJoin Santa’s crew by signing up for the Adopt-a-Family campaign.

Campus charity effort seeking support

How many times have you heard that holiday time is for children? The Adopt-a-Family program of the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Foundation works to make that ideal a reality, and is looking for sponsors across the university community.

Mary Anne Beaudoin in the office of Public Affairs and Communications coordinates the campus Adopt-a-Family effort. The foundation requests that sponsors focus on food and clothing in addition to toys, as these items are often difficult for families to afford.

Sponsors may choose a family as large as two parents with four kids or as small as a single parent and child. Youths on extended care are also available for sponsorship. They are individuals over the age of 16 years old attending school while living independently.

Potential sponsors will receive family profiles in October, giving lots of time to shop for delivery December 1. Send expressions of interest to Beaudoin at mbeaud@uwindsor.ca.