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Campus Movember effort betters goal by more than a whisker

A campaign based in the Faculty of Human Kinetics raised more than $7,500—a dollar for each male UWindsor student—for Movember, a month-long effort to generate awareness and funds for issues related to men’s health.

The total exceeded its original goal of $5,000, says organizer Adam Goodwin, an MHK candidate and executive member with the Kinesiology Graduate Student Association, which led the campus campaign.

“It is fantastic that the UWindsor campus community was able to raise over $7,500 in 30 days,” he says.

Goodwin notes that academic departments in health-related fields topped the fundraising: the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry – Windsor Program and the Faculty of Nursing, as well as the kinesiology department.

“We would also like to recognize the residence life team, who worked hard to engage students living on campus,” he says. 

The Movember Foundation is still accepting donations for the next few days, and Goodwin encourages contributions to set a high bar for next year’s campaign. Donate online through the campaign team’s website.