Chantel Wasyluk, Katrina Wasyluk, Marco LotFourth-year business students Chantel Wasyluk, Katrina Wasyluk and Marco Lot inspect Tealish blends, Monday in the Campus Bookstore.

Wellness teas featured item in Campus Bookstore

Combining healing herbs with rich spices and pieces of real fruit, Tealish has produced a line of whole-leaf blends intended to inspire drinkers on their journeys to wellness.

The Campus Bookstore is featuring these “wellness teas,” both loose and bagged, this week:

  • Delicious Detox
  • Good Energy
  • Hangover Helper
  • Skinny Mini
  • Sleep Fairy
  • Stress Buster

They are displayed in front of the technology counter, in the store’s location on the lower level of the CAW Student Centre.