Mia Zecca accepts her Booster Juice from server Colleen Lee-GrayMia Zecca accepts her Booster Juice from server Colleen Lee-Gray, Wednesday in the CAW Student Centre.

Smoothie outlet finds willing boosters among student clientele

Her friends were “super-excited” to learn the University of Windsor added an outlet for Booster Juice to its campus food options, said Mia Zecca.

The second-year nursing student had heard the news over the summer and took her first opportunity to order a smoothie Wednesday in the CAW Student Centre.

“Everyone loves Booster Juice,” she said as she sipped a Tropical Tornado, a blend of yogurt with mango, banana, pineapple and strawberry. “I’m so happy we can get it now with all my girlfriends.”

Mark Lafleur, a supervisor with Food Services, said the chain’s juice blends offer a healthy alternative.

“They are all made with fresh produce: fruit and vegetables,” Lafleur said. He added that the smoothies can incorporate protein powders to up the nutritional value. “They provide a full, complete meal.”

First-year students Shanelle Vu and Anna Fan backed up that assertion. Lunchtime smoothies were their first food of the day after they skipped breakfast Wednesday to rush to program orientation.

“We’re getting our veggies now,” said Fan, a kinesiology major. “We picked healthy ones that have kale and spinach in them.”

Canadian-based Booster Juice operates more than 300 locations worldwide, including 19 franchises on university and college campuses across Ontario.