International partnership to advance innovation in health care

A partnership between the U.S. Cross-Border Health Foundation (CBH) and the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) at the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business will provide an “extraordinary opportunity” to advance health policy and innovation in the health systems of Canada and the United States, says the network’s academic chair.

“By leveraging the close relationships between Canada and the United States to share knowledge and expertise, we can advance health system performance, strengthen our economies, and improve health outcomes for patients in North America and globally,” Anne Snowdown says. She points out that WIN is the first Canadian health innovation centre with formal ties to the U.S.

WIN and CBH will collaborate to catalyze cross-border dialogue and innovation through such projects as policy papers, publications, research and education opportunities.

Cross-Border Health is a non-profit organization based in Arlington, Virginia, focused on improving health care. Executive director Oliver Kim says both countries can benefit from the new partnership.

“WIN and Cross-Border Health will mobilize industry, government, academia, and health organizations to empower the critical discussion required for adoption of health policies — and health innovation that will achieve sustainability,” he says.

Read more on the network’s website.

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