Network to advance innovation in health-care supply chains

Every year, 70,000 Canadians experience preventable, serious injury while hospitalized, says Anne Snowdon, scientific director of the Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health), which received a $1.6 million grant from the federal government Wednesday.

The four-year funding, through the Networks of Centres of Excellence International Knowledge Translation Platform, will position Canada as a global leader advancing supply chain innovation in healthcare to improve patient safety, health system sustainability, and economic growth for companies.

“Adverse events and medical error are a result of a lack of well-developed supply chain infrastructure that would make it nearly impossible for errors to happen,” Dr. Snowdon said. “We are thrilled that the Canadian federal government has recognized the impact supply chain innovation will have on the Canadian healthcare system.”

Spanning five countries, including Australia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and seven Canadian provinces — and with more than 100 partners from industry, healthcare, government and academia — the network will bring logistics expertise in industry and research in business schools to health system stakeholders.

UWindsor president Alan Wildeman said his institution is proud to host the network.

“SCAN Health will enhance our University’s international collaboration initiatives,” he said. “I am confident through such significant partnerships it will achieve a national and global impact.”