student hitting the booksSkills to Enhance Personal Success (STEPS) workshops are designed to help students reach their academic potential.

Office taking STEPS to ensure student access to study skills sessions

Changes to workshops offered by the Student Success and Leadership Centre are meant to make them more accessible by those who most need them, says transition services intern Lindsay Gore.

She has overseen several revisions to the Skills to Enhance Personal Success (STEPS) program: making sessions shorter, offering them in locations around the campus, and adapting several as online modules. All are free for UWindsor students.

“We’re trying to make sure that our workshops fit more easily into the schedules of modern students,” Gore says. “We know that they have jobs, family obligations — other life priorities that can pull them away from opportunities to improve their study habits.”

The new online modules cover effective reading strategies, techniques to succeed in taking tests, strategic note-taking, and time management. Traditional in-person workshops include exam prep, effective memory strategies, independent learning, and overcoming test anxiety.

“I tell first-year students that it gives them a leg up on their courses,” says Gore. “Some need to refine their study skills; STEPS helps them to transition to the expectations of university courses.”

Specialized sessions are aimed at students majoring in maths and sciences. Students in some courses in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences can earn bonus marks for attending. Find the details, including a full schedule of this semester’s workshops, at