Cover of "Ford City" bookAuthor Herb Colling will discuss the history of Ford City in one of the study groups offered this semester by the Uni-Com Retirement Learning Centre.

Registration opens for retirees’ classes

The Uni-Com: Retirement Learning Centre is now accepting registrations for classes in the winter session. Study groups convene once a week on a wide variety of areas of interest for seniors from the University (Uni) and from the community (Com):

  • Poetry for All — enjoy the poetry of many authors and share in creating poetry and prose of your own.
  • The Story of Ford City — author Herb Colling will discuss the history of one of Windsor’s founding communities.
  • Fitness and Self-Defense for Retirees — a black belt instructor in martial arts will lead participants through light exercises to promote muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  • How Language Works — explore language myths, language acquisition in children, the role of grammar in communication, language and reality, and some theories of meaning.
  • Drumming Ensemble — learn about the music produced by different drums and experience the feeling of drumming in a group.
  • Local Black History — a series of guest presenters will discuss early families and their contributions to the growth and progress of our region.
  • Ancient Myths and Legends — look at mythology and its influence on art and literature.
  • Visiting Places of Worship — tour a mosque, temple, or cathedral to learn something about the beliefs and worship of different religious groups.
  • Film and First Nations — screen some recent Indigenous films and then join in discussion about current conditions and the challenges faced by First Nations peoples.

Course terms run five or nine weeks. Find detailed descriptions and registration instructions on the Uni-Com website.