MazarinerSwedish almond tarts are one of the foods international students most miss during their time in Canada.

Students list the foods they miss

Students coming to the University of Windsor from abroad miss the foods they enjoy back home.

A survey of some of them turned up common themes, reports Ida Karlsson, an exchange student from Jönköping University in Sweden: “No matter if you visit the country or just find a really good restaurant, here is what you have to order.”

She says many of the respondents were from India, giving her loads of recommendations of foods to try.

“Based on the amount of people who listed it as the top food they miss, the mixed-rice dish biryani is something you cannot miss out on,” says Karlsson. “The same goes for the well-known butter chicken and the street snack panipuri (a crisp fried bread filled with spices, pulses, and vegetables).”

Chinese students listed hot pot, dumplings, and mapo tofu as classical dishes of their cuisine, accompanied by one of the country’s many varieties of tea.

Nigerians recommend egusi (melon seed) soup with eba, a cassava-flour staple; students from Saudi Arabia say they miss traditional saleeg, white rice cooked in broth.

“If you want good barbecue, go to South Korea and eat the grilled beef short ribs dish galbi,” Karlsson advises. “And maybe needless to say, you will find the best fish and chips in England and the best pizza in Italy.”

She says that when diners are ready for something sweet to finish a meal, her homeland of Sweden is the place to go.

“The best-selling book in Sweden, except for the Bible, is Seven sorts of cookies, which may say something about the Swedish culture,” says Karlsson. My personal favourite is the mazarin (an almond tart) or a simple chokladboll (an unbaked cocoa-oatmeal confection).”

Students, staff, and faculty attending the Celebration of Nations cultural festival will have a chance to sample some varied cuisine, with organizers distributing the Indian fritters pakora, Italian rice balls arancini, and Asian filled pastries spring rolls.

The event will begin at noon Thursday, March 15, with a parade of national flags from the Welcome Centre to the student centre via Turtle Island Walk. Opening ceremonies at 12:30 p.m. in the CAW Student Centre Commons will precede stage performances from 1 to 3 p.m.

Find more information on the festival website.