Selina Gabriele and Jonathan BinderSelina Gabriele and Jonathan Binder are the founders of Articulus, developing an app to transcribe lectures.

Developers aiming for app to make education accessible

With the ubiquity of information today, education is evolving at an incredible pace, say two UWindsor computer science majors who are seeking innovations to make education accessible to everyone.

Selina Gabriele and Jonathan Binder are working with the RBC Summer Founders Program to develop Articulus, their education-centric application to distribute real-time lecture information.

The idea is to have professors wear mics that will provide registered students with live closed captioning of the lecture and store a transcript.

“Once we have the lecture in a text format, the possibilities are endless,” says Binder. “That text can be transformed into alternate languages or formats that optimize ease of consumption for a given individual.”

They hope that the founders program will give them access to networks to promote adoption of their platform.

“We are both well-versed in the tech world. Exploring libraries and evaluating this idea’s feasibility on a computer science level is where our strengths lie,” Gabriele says. “We are here in search of mentorship and guidance in the world of business.”

The two plan to focus first on students with disabilities, and hope to have a prototype ready for testing by the end of the summer.

This is the third in a series of articles introducing participants in the RBC Summer Founders Program, leading up to a showcase of their prototypes on August 1 at EPICentre. Learn more on the centre’s website.