high-speed trainThree members of the UWindsor faculty are promoting high-speed rail in a national newspaper.

Professors tout environmental and economic benefits of high-speed rail

High-speed rail is an opportunity that Canadians have overlooked for far too long, three UWindsor instructors argue in an opinion piece published Monday in the Globe and Mail newspaper.

Contributing to the article “From improved mobility to cutting carbon, high-speed rail stands to benefit all Canadians” were:

  • Ron Meng, professor emeritus of economics;
  • Imran Abdool, lecturer in economics and finance; and
  • Richard Douglass-Chin, associate professor of English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing.

“As high-speed rail’s ability to alleviate several problems at once could deliver a higher return than our collective cost of capital, every effort should be made to move forward with it,” they wrote, pointing to the technology’s potential to reduce pollution, improve labour markets, and relieve housing pressure in major urban areas.

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