John Stuart MillJohn Stuart Mill is the subject of a lecture Wednesday by philosophy professor Bruce A. Russell of Wayne State University.

Social justice subject of philosophy lecture

A professor of philosophy from Wayne State University will explore the thinking of John Stuart Mill and John Rawls in a free public lecture Wednesday, March 6.

The UWindsor philosophy department presents Bruce A. Russell delivering “Mills Defense of a Rawlsian Conception of Social Justice,” at 2:30 p.m. in room 1163, Chrysler Hall North.

“Mill is a unique kind of rule utilitarian where the role of the Greatest Happiness Principle is not only to determine what the relevant rules are, but also to adjudicate conflicts when — and only when — those rules prescribe incompatible actions,” Dr. Russell says.

Using quotations from texts by Mill, he argues that the 19th-century utilitarian would accept Rawl’s three principles of social justice.