report cover -- cable car approaching mountainThe SCAN Health annual report documents a year of progress, impact, and positive health outcomes.

Report documents work to transform healthcare supply chains

There are endless opportunities to be gained by mobilizing the knowledge and power of data achieved through supply chain transformation, writes Anne Snowdown, CEO of the Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health), in its annual report.

“SCAN Health’s strategic initiatives mobilize knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned to support Canadian and global health systems to achieve peak performance…. Supply chain knowledge and best practices provide the foundation for current and emerging leaders to reduce health system costs, optimize performance, advance patient safety by reducing medical errors, improve population health, and drive economic growth for companies.”

Dr. Snowdon characterizes 2018-19 as a “tremendously successful year,” and expresses gratitude to partners around the world for contributing to progress, impact, and positive health outcomes.

“Together we are reaching new heights,” she says. “By expanding our knowledge and capacity to transform healthcare supply chains we are increasing patient safety, improving performance and driving economic growth.”

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