Centre champions research into violence against women

Are you interested in research related to violence against women? The Health Research Centre for the Study of Violence Against Women was established by psychology professor Charlene Senn in April 2005 as part of an Ontario Women’s Health Career Award.

The centre acts as an intellectual home for researchers and trainees across disciplines with interests that include the causes, the prevention, and the rehabilitation of the effects of violence against women.

The centre provides a venue for:

  • communication of research ideas and results,
  • networking and building collaborations across disciplines and with the community, and
  • mentoring of new researchers to establish their own independent research studies related to women’s health and violence against women.

Find more information, including the centre’s mission statement, currently affiliated researchers, and resources, on its website. If you are interested in attending meetings of the centre, contact psychology professors Patti Timmons Fritz at pfritz@uwindsor.ca or Sara Crann at sara.crann@uwindsor.ca as soon as possible.

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