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Deena Wang, Beth Oakley, Beth Natale, Anouchka PlumbRepresenting the University of Windsor at the conference of the Canadian Bureau for International Education were Deena Wang, Beth Oakley, Beth Natale, and Anouchka Plumb.

Conference forges relationships in global networks

A delegation to the conference of the Canadian Bureau for International Education brought back ideas they hope will improve the UWindsor student experience.

Deena Wang, international student advisor in the International Student Centre, says the conference, held in Winnipeg Nov. 17 to 20, was inspiring and empowering.

“Everyone goes there to learn and share best practices,” she says. “We bring back new ideas and programs each year to implement at the International Student Centre.”

Joining her were from the University of Windsor ISC director Beth Oakley, director of student recruitment Beth Natale, and Anouchka Plumb, manager of language programs in Continuing Education.

The conference provides important information on supporting the international student population, as well as global learning opportunities for domestic students, says Oakley.

“Understanding international education trends, challenges, and potential opportunities presented by national and international institutions is an important piece to capacity building,” says Plumb. “Networking with representatives from Latin America and the Caribbean provided insight into their education and training needs.”