logo Cities and Climate Action ForumWindsor Law’s Cities and Climate Action Forum will host a public discussion of the 2020 Windsor municipal budget on Thursday, Jan. 23.

Forum to cast environmental eye on city budget

A forum organized by Windsor Law students will invite the public to discuss how Windsor's proposed 2020 municipal budget tackles climate change, 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 23, in the SoCA Armouries.

The Climate Café is the first in a series presented by the Cities and Climate Action Forum, led by law professors Anneke Smit, director of the Centre for Cities, and Patricia Galvão Ferreira, director of the Transnational Environmental Law and Policy Clinic, and supported by federal government funding.

“The project is geared at promoting meaningful and collaborative climate policy action in local communities across Ontario,” Dr. Smit says.

Thursday’s discussion will open with a presentation by third-year law student Sarah Gulas entitled “Climate Science 101.” Gulas has a background in resource and environment management and will provide a primer on climate change facts, science, and terminology.

Following that, “A Climate Lens on Windsor’s 2020 Municipal Budget” promises analysis by Frazier Fathers, director of continuous improvement and advocacy at the Windsor-Essex United Way.

Windsor city council will debate its budget on Jan. 27, its first since declaring a climate change emergency on Nov. 18. Fathers will consider how well the proposed budget addresses that declaration and the community energy plan.

Attendees will have a chance to ask questions and engage in informal conversation over coffee following the formal programme. Find more information and register on the event.

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