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Laptop computer and coffee cupHuman Resources has released a series of tips aimed at helping staff and faculty transition to working remotely.

Tips aimed at helping staff and faculty transition to working from home

Working remotely brings a sudden loss of companionship and socializing that are inherent in the workplace and it makes it more challenging to manage the distractions associated with home. The key to working successfully from home is to create an environment that allows you to focus on the work to be accomplished while managing the distractions that are part of the new reality. The Department of Human Resources has compiled tips from experts aimed at helping staff and faculty stay focused, productive and well while working remotely.

Among the tips outlined in the document are to:

  • create a dedicated and comfortable workspace;
  • keep a regular morning routine;
  • structure your day like you would at the office;
  • avoid isolation and
  • fight the urge to multitask.

The document encourages employees to practise self-care. “Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, get up and move around, and set aside time to deal with your worries,” it reads. “These are unprecedented times which can lead to increased stress and anxiety.” It also outlines home office safety and ergonomics tips and reminds employees to stay updated by regularly consulting the University of Windsor Coronavirus website.

Read the entire document, “Tips for Working Remotely During the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

—Marcela Ciampa