Session two intramural esport champions crowned

Session 2 of Lancer Recreation’s summer intramural esports league has wrapped up and the champions have been crowned.

Session 2 leagues were offered from the middle of June to the end of July and had almost 100 University of Windsor students participate for free. In the end, there was only one winner per league.

Here is the full list of the session 2 winners:

  • FIFA 20 PS4 (A Division)- Samuel Orekoya
  • FIFA 20 PS4 (B Division)- David Ogunnubi
  • FIFA 20 Xbox1- Sagar Jogadia
  • Rocket League 1v1- Luka Velimirovic
  • Rocket League 2v2- Tiko Petrov & Luka Velimirovic (Riverside Aerial Squad)
  • NBA 2K 20 PS4- Moses Genat
  • NHL 20 PS4- Trevor Brown
  • MLB The Show PS4- Trevor Brown
  • Mario Kart- Cole Hannam

FIFA 20 PS4 (A Division)

Since PS4 FIFA was such a popular league, we divided it into an A and B division. The challenge was no problem for Samuel Orekoya, as he battled through the season and playoffs with an undefeated record. He closed it out in the finals by winning a close game 2-1. Congratulations Samuel!

FIFA 20 PS4 (B Division)
It was a similar story for David Ogunnubi in the B division. Week after week he battled through close games, but managed to come out on top after each one. Playing the reigning champion in the finals, David emerged victorious, winning the game 2-0. Congratulations David!

FIFA 20 Xbox1

In this very strong, competitive league the title was up for grabs. All games were close every week and most teams had strong records entering the playoffs. Sagar Jogadia was able play his best when the playoffs came around and rolled all the way to a 2-0 win in the finals. Congratulations Sagar!


Reigning 1v1 champ Luka Velimirovic picked up right where he left off. Through both sessions 1 and 2, Luka did not lose a game and once again earned a well-deserved championship. Through our weekly Saturday stream on Twitch it was a pleasure to watch him play each week. Congratulations Luka!


The Riverside Aerial Club came back strong in session 2 to defend their crown. Expectations were high after an undefeated season in session 1 and they did not disappoint. A fan favourite on the Twitch stream each week, they continued their strong play with another championship. Congratulations Luka and Tiko!

NBA 2K 20 PS4

Moses Genat was coming off a big championship win in session 1 and had a lot to prove in session 2 to defend his crown. He was able to keep his momentum rolling and came out on top of the league once again. Congratulations Moses!

NHL 20 PS4

Our first ever winner of different games in one session, Trevor Brown did not start the NHL 20 season as an overwhelming favourite. He improved week after week and squeezed out some close games in the playoffs to emerge victorious. Congratulations Trevor!


This league was brand new in session 2 and had a lot of exciting games throughout the season. Trevor Brown exhibited strong play each week and was able to win in the finals by a score of 9-3. This championship allowed him to become the first ever winner of multiple leagues in one session. Congratulations once again Trevor!


It was the battle of the undefeated records in the Mario Kart finals, and the game did not disappoint. In the end, Cole Hannam came out with the win by defeating Zach Wasylyk by a score of 10-6. Congratulations on a hard fought victory Cole!


This wraps up our summer esports season. We look forward to connecting with students once again in our fall esports leagues. Details will be released in the coming weeks.

For more information about our leagues and how to get involved, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @LancerRec.