virtual booth representing the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.The Campus Community Network allowed new faculty to interact with representatives of services, like this virtual booth representing the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.

New faculty members get connected at virtual orientation

This year’s New Faculty Orientation welcomed 47 new faculty to campus in an all-virtual format, using a range of creative approaches to try to approximate the traditional experiences of the event, July 27 to 30.

At the Campus Community Network event, usually held in the student centre atrium, attendees were able to “hop” from booth to booth, learning about and meeting with representatives from over 40 services and departments at the University through Microsoft Teams.

Although the live-chat feature was available only during the event, the booths are still up as a resource for the UWindsor community. Instructors also shared quick introductions to their research and scholarly activities through one-minute virtual “elevator pitches”. Slides created for these presentations are available here for campus community members interested in finding out more about participants’ work.

Nicole Scott, recently appointed a field learning specialist in the School of Social Work, wasn’t sure what to expect from a virtual orientation, but found that “the atmosphere that was created was friendly, kind, and supportive and that presenters encouraged me to really take a deep look at what I will I bring to my department and the trajectory of my career.”

Acting provost Jeff Berryman noted that more than 80 members of the campus community joined in helping to orient these new additions.

“I want to thank everyone involved for their contributions to what was, for all of us, a new experience, and to wish all of our new colleagues a warm welcome and all the very best as they start this academic year,” he said. “We look forward to meeting everyone in person as that becomes feasible.”