Doctor and nurse escorting hospital patient through hallwayA sovereign wealth fund will create long-term and predictable funding for the Canadian health care system, says UWindsor economics and business instructor Imran Abdool.

Opinion piece calls for health care investment

Despite headlines about high deficits caused by expensive COVID-19 programs, governments must avoid the knee-jerk reaction to drastically cut spending, says a UWindsor business and economics instructor.

“While deficits can be problematic if left unchecked and persistent for too long, history and context matter a great deal,” argues Imran Abdool in an article he co-authored with Hance Clarke, director of pain services at Toronto General Hospital.

Published in Policy Options, a magazine produced by the Montreal-based Institute for Research in Public Policy, their piece makes the case for Canada as a great opportunity for investors.

“Canada has the natural resources that the world will need for a very long time,” they write. “It has an educated, modern, and robust knowledge economy.”

They call for the creation of a sovereign wealth fund to invest in the country’s health care system.

Read the entire article, “A sovereign wealth fund for our health care system isn’t far-fetched,” online in Policy Options.